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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Braves/Mets game - Pinch Hitting Extraordinaire 

Yeah, I went to the Braves & Mets Funhouse of Runs this evening and I saw something I don't think that I've ever seen before. The Braves were batting around in the 4th inning and I noticed that Julio Franco, who pinch hit for Hampton earlier in the inning, was almost ready to get another at bat! I started talking about it to the people around me when Estrada was up (7th in the order). Well, he got on, and so did DeRosa batting eigth. That meant that Julio Franco, as a pinch hitter, was up twice in the same inning AS A PINCH HITTER! It was insane! And, on top of all that, he got a singles both times up, driving in a run each time! I don't think anyone at the park really realized the craziness of such a thing!!! I'd love to find out when the last time that has happened. Anyone? Please, I'm dying to know!
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