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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Van Slyke accuses Bonds of steroid use 

From the Sporting News Radio's Rick Ballou's interview with Van Slyke (article at foxsports.com):
Ballou: Are you telling us, in your opinion, that it looks like Barry Bonds has taken steroids?

Van Slyke: Unequivocally he's taken them, without equivocation he's taken them. I can say that with utmost certainty.

Now, I never saw him put it into his body, but look, Barry went to the bank with the robber, he drove the car, he got money in his pocket from the bag that came out of the bank. Come to your own conclusion. Did he spend the money?

You decide. I think he did.

The physical evidence is there. People do not gain thirty-five pounds of muscle in their late thirties without a little bit of help.
He doesn't beat around the bush, does he? Personally I wouldn't accuse "without equivication" whether someone used steroids or not until there is actualy proof (i.e. from a drug test or an admission). This is a huge issue in baseball know, I don't think that we should be finding people guilty just because they look bigger and stronger from one year to the next. Unless Andy knows for sure because he's either seen Bonds take them, or Bonds told him that he took them, I don't think he should be bandying these accusations around withh reckless abandon like he is in this interview. I prefer how other players like Smoltz are going about it - pushing for better testing.
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