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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Steroids in DC 

Well, it was inevitable. Senator John McCain and his posse have taken charge up there in DC and grilled Donald Fehr about steroids in baseball.
So, now that all that is out of the way - don't our elected politicians have anything BETTER to do than to investigate steroids in baseball? I understand that this is something that needs to be resolved, and the quicker the better, but Senator John McCain? Senator Ted Kennedy? The Senates big guns are out and they're tackling....steroids? How about that thing in Iraq - oh yeah, the war. How about feeding the hungry, educating the uneducated, sheltering the homeless? Nah, let's all grill some baseball brass and make the afternoon headlines. Oooo, maybe we'll even make a big spot on NPR in the afternoon, too! (They did.)

Out of all the things in this country (and world) that need fixing, steroids in baseball is NOT one of them. Let me see if I can find something else that our illustrious politicians are working on....oh, here's one. Thank god! At last! The fast food "restaurants" will finally be safe from consumer lawsuits! Hallelujah! It's time to rejoice in the streets!

OK, that's enough about politics, but I really couldn't help myself. Next post will be all about baseball sans politics and steroids. I promise.
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