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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Neyer on PSS and the Sox & Yanks 

Neyer talking about one emailer's unrealistic expectations of the Twins' bullpen this year:
Ha! Nicely put, Rob.

Rob also talks about how the Red Sox are going to score less runs this year because most of them played over their head. This is something many of us (non-Sox fans) know about. But then he mentions the pitching of the Sox & the Yanks here:
I think that many people think of Schilling as a sure thing, and Pedro and Lowe, too. But are they? We all know about Pedro's injuries woes, and how Sox fans think that Pokey Reese is going to lower Lowe's ERA by a full 2 points (or whatever they are blathering about now-a-days). But I think that Schilling should probably be counted as a sure thing, even though he was injured last year. At least, he is the closest thing to a sure thing next to Mussina & Vazquez.
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