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Thursday, March 04, 2004

New mini-feature: What I'm Reading 

I added a "What I'm reading" feature over in the right column right below the Random Stat. I know this blog is about baseball, and so far I've kept it on topic, but I'd like to be able to push the boundaries a little bit, help you guys get to know me a little more. You are what you read.

I'm not sure how often this will be updated, but I'll try to do it pretty often, perhaps once a week or so.

(And, yes, the link does link to Amazon.com, and no, this is not a scam to make money. If a handful of you bought the books, I'd probably make $20/yr [quite a bit less than Geoff Jenkins is going to make for spending large swaths of time on the DL], so this is NOT a money making scheme.)
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