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Thursday, March 18, 2004


Now, i'm sure everyone out there is familiar with Bubblicious bubble gum. There was this kid in junior high (or my school called it "intermediate school") who sold gum and candy out of a brown paper lunch bag. Very entreprenurial of him. Then he graduated from a bag to a briefcase, and that was his downfall. Administration eventually caught up to him and forced him to stop. I don't know why - he wasn't gauging anyone. I think it was $0.35 for a pack of Bubblicious (or Hubba Bubba). Mmmmmmm....grape.....

I'm sure someone out there has done this already, but I decided to do it because I couldn't find anyone who actually HAS done it. With all this uproar about Bubba Crosby, I thought that I'd review the Bubba's throughout the history of baseball. Here we go:

PlayerSeasonsABHRRBIBAOPSRCAAMain Position
Bubba Phillips1955-64327862356.255.655-1023B,LF
Bubba Floyd1944900.4441.0563SS
Bubba Morton1961-196992814128.267.7206RF
Bubba Trammell1997-2003179882285.261.79819RF,LF
Bubba Carpenter20002735.222.878-1LF
Bubba Crosby20031201.083.167-2LF

And there was one Bubba pitcher: Bubba Church from 1950-1055. He was 36-37 with a 4.10 ERA and an RSAA of -14. That's it. Only 7 Bubba's in all of baseball history. You know when Bubba Trammell is the best of the bunch that the group is a bit thin. Since there have been so few, I dug up two "almost" Bubba's:

PlayerSeasonsABHRRBIBAOPSRCAAMain Position
Bubbles Hargrave1913-15,'21-'28,'30253329376.310.82489C
Bubber Johnson1920, '22,'26,'27,'29,'35235020.230.535-19C

There you go. I hope you enjoy the list of Bubba's. If anyone knows any interesting facts about the older Bubba's, I'd love to hear about them. It's getting late and I haven't been sleeping well, so my level of research tonight is limited.
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