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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Bubba Crosby? 

I saw that Bubba went 1-for-2 this afternoon with an RBI and an SB against the Red Sox. I did a quick search on google and didn't find much except for Bubba's minor league stats. What's the scoop on Bubba (besides that he was acquired from the Dodgers last year and that he's a 27 year old minor leaguer and he's running out of time, if he hasn't already run out of time)? Is he a good fielder? Is there any chance that he can make the roster coming out of spring training? He hit well in the PCL last season (which I know isn't too hard, but he batted .361 with an OPS of 1.045), and has a history of speed. He seems to have a decent eye and doesn't strike out too often. I also saw that Cliff covered Bubba briefly in his Non-Roster Invitee list.

Any more info on this guy? Having someone like Bubba as a backup OF instead of Tony Clark would seem to be much more desirable, especially since he has a little speed, too. I'm guessing his chances are slim-to-none, but maybe they can package him for a starting pitcher if (when) the need arises.
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