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Thursday, March 18, 2004

A Bubba counterpoint, and my counter-counterpoint 

Cliff points out this article by Fabian McNally as a counterpoint to my pro-Bubba Crosby stance. Apparently, lots of people have jumped on the Bubba bandwagon. I would like to point out that I mentions Bubba "way back" on March 7 right here.

There is one thing that I would like to say to Fabian and all those Bubba naysayers out there. Yeah, I'm a Yankee fan and yeah we have lots of superstars on our team. But I'm still a baseball fan, and as a baseball fan, and in spite of the fact that I love baseball statistics and sabermetrics and all that jazz, I still like to root for the little guy to overcome immense odds. Is Bubba going to be the next superstar? No, probably not. But I still like the feeling of hoping and wishing and dreaming that someone like Bubba Crosby COULD be the next superstar, or at least a good, solid contributor to the Yankees this season. And that's where this pro-Bubba stance comes from.
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