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Sunday, March 21, 2004

boony tyler 

I was looking through my stats this evening and I noticed that the last search that brought someone to my blog was a search on 'boony tyler'. Well, I went to Google and typed it in and lo and behold, this blog came up 4th out of all the sites that satisfy the criteria for 'boony tyler'. 55 sites in all the Internet world with 'boony tyler', and this very blog that you are ready this very second is 4th. Pretty impressive, eh?

I wonder what the person was searching for. When you do the search, Google asks if you meant 'bonny tyler' who, apparently, is a singer with lots of ringtones that you can download.

Ah, another interesting thing that I just noticed about this searcher is that the search originated in Sweden. Well, I hope they found what they were looking for. Perhaps they were interested in the list of baseball Bubbas.
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