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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Yankees get another guy to "play" 3B 

Well, it looks like the Yankees really are acquiring anyone and everyone who can (mis)play thirdbase. According to the NY Post, the Yankees went to check Mael Rodriguez (again) and ended up signing his fellow Cuban escapee Yobel Duenas to play 3B at AAA Columbus. Now, in case you forgot, Duenas is a 31 year old second baseman who is a former stolen base king and, according to the Havana Journal:
And over at Baseball America:
What? A Cuban player lying about his age? Say it ain't so! If he can't play second base, how well can we expect him to play third base? One interesting point in the Baseball America article is this:
I hadn't heard that possibility until now. Of course, Mael worked out for the Yankees along with Duernas, and the Yankees signed Duernas, so I'm assuming that the Yankees weren't that impressed with him again. Of course, maybe they liked his latest workout and just need to negotiate a contract with him. Then again, maybe not - I'm not getting my hopes up on this. I know that I initially thought that the Yankees were going to sign Mael as their 6th starter, but that was before I found out that he's only a shadow of his former self. I'm still holding out some small bit of hope that he'll return to close to his 100mph that he threw, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.
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