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Monday, February 09, 2004

Villone is going somewhere 

Back on January 31 I responded to Vinny's post at Yankees, Mets and the Rest about how the Yankees should sign Ron Villone. I pretty much said that there is no way that the Yankees should sign Villone because he's not any good.

Well, according to Lee Sinins, Ron Villone is close to signing with the Seattle Mariners. Wow, with the moves that they made this offseason, that is definately one team that the Yankees aren't going to have to worry about. Though I have to admit that it is a bit sad to see the slow decline of a formerly strong franchise, which not only survived the loss of ARod and Randy Johnson but in fact thrived without them. Now the M's are making bad moves, weakening a one-time powerhouse, in one of the strongest divisions in bsaeball. It looks like 3rd place is in they're very near future. At least they have the Texas Rangers in their division to cushion the fall through the ranks.
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