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Friday, February 06, 2004

Soriano for Pujols trade denied 

I saw this in two places, but I only remember one of them, so here it is:
What the huh?!?! Supposedly it would be Soriano and top catching prospect Dioner Navarro for Pujols, who is probably going to get a LOT of money in arbitration. Pujols is below average defensively at third base, but I'm sure the Yankees wouldn't care considering the amount of offense that he'd provide (maybe Pujols and Shef could platoon at third base ;). And that would just swap the gaping hole from third base to second base. Cairo at second base does not excite me (neither does Almonte).

I guess if it wasn't for the money, this trade would never have even been imagined. Pujols is the best young hitter in all of baseball (and probably the best overall hitter, if not for Barry), so why would a team ever trade him for someone like Soriano, whose OPS is embarassingly small compared to Pujols' (1.106 to .863). For clarification of how HUGE that gap is, that's the same difference between Soriano and Alex Cora (.863 to .625). And considering that Alex Cora had the 3rd lowest OPS of all players who had the plate appearances to qualify. Who would ever even contemplate such an atrocious trade? Ah, a team strapped for cash, that's who.

- Addendum -
Here is the NY Post article.
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