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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sick and Tired 

What am I sick and tired of? Well, for starts, I'm sick and tired of the majority of sports writers (and fans, too) telling us that we can never ever ever till the end of eternity believe a word that is uttered, spoken, muttered, blurted or sincerely articulated by Alex Rodriguez. O Horror of Horrors! Just a few weeks ago ARod said that he was happy to be captain of the Rangers and looked forward to blah blah blah. Come on people, ARod was SUPPOSED to say those things. He was toeing the company line, being a team player, doing his duty, taking one for the team. Did anyone expect him to say something like, "Well, thanks for making me the captain of a team that I would do anything to get away from. It's going to suck big time this year cause we're going to end up in last place again this year, but I'll just sit here with the C on my chest while management wastes dollars on crappy pitchers. Thanks. Thanks a lot for this hollow honor that has been bestowed on me."

All players say things that they don't WANT to say, but they HAVE to say. It's part of their job. No one likes losing. No one likes playing on a crappy team. But you put on the best face that you can and do what you have to do. ARod did just that when he accepted the captaincy of the Rangers not too long ago.

All of us fans (and, I hope, all the journalists and sports writers, too) can read between the lines. We knew what ARod was REALLY saying. Why, all of a sudden, is everyone crucifying him for it? Let it go people.

(P.S. As soon as I have some time, I'll dig up some of the articles that I'm referring to, but I think you've all read at least one of them.)
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