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Friday, February 27, 2004

Should someone sign Aaron Boone? 

Now that Boone is a free agent, I was wondering if a team was going to take a chance on him coming back later this season and sign him to a minimum salary contract before the season starts. I don't know the odds of him coming back (and being effective) by the end of the season, but maybe a team should take that chance and sign him. There are plenty of teams that could use his services if he's healthy. And if you look at the teams that have a good chance of being in the playoff hunt come August and September, maybe a player like a healthy Aaron Boone can help put them over the top. The Twins have Rivas at 2B - a black hole of hitting and fielding. The Dodgers get notoriously low production out of their middle infield. Even the Red Sox have Pokey Reese at 2B who can't hit himself out of a paper bag. How about the Braves - they could play him at 3B in the playoff stretch. Of course, not all of these teams have unlimited budgets where they can go around signing injured players (a la the Yankees and Lieber last season), but a team like the Dodgers who are desperate for offense might want to take that chance on him.
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