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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Randy Johnson & miscellany 

How good does Randy Johnson have to be to lead or be at the top to lead or be at the top of this decades pitching stats? Right now you're saying one of two things:
  1. You nincompoop! Who cares? We're only 4 years into this decade! (Stark refers to it as the "2000s" because as you all know this decade started in 2001 and I'm sure Stark didn't want to just include 3 years of stats)

  2. You rube! Jayson Stark wrote that column! Why the heck are you referencing THAT?!?!
Well, to tell the truth, I found it mildly interesting. That, and the Yankees have the #4 & #5 strikeout leaders in this decade in Mussina and Vazquez. Better yet, they are the only 2 of the top 6 SO leaders that haven't missed a lot of time on the DL (Randy, Curt, Pedro & Kerry are 1-4, with Clemens as #7).

And there is another reason. Alex at Bronx Banter has a great comment thread on the Schilling "off the record" mess, Aaron at Aaron's Baseball Blog has a good entry on Joe Mauer, Cliff has an excellent rundown of the Yankees' spring training invitees (large white blogster gap included for free), John at Only Baseball Matters has an interesting read about the Giants' 2004 lineup and why Bonds should bat second, Jay at Futility Infielder has plenty good readin' to do, as do Vinny and Scott including a short blurb about the "former 20-game winner" the Mets just signed.

So you see, what the heck else am I going to write about? All the good stuff has been taken! ;)
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