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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Novarro+ for Beltre? 

According to the NJ Star Ledger, the Yankees are still looking at trading for Beltre to fill their hole at third base. And what a crowded hole it would be. Lamb, Houston, Almonte, etc.
Of course Beltre can field 3B like a demon, which the others can't do.
Do we really know that he's 25? "Top prospects in the game"? This is his 6th full year in the majors. Is he still considered a prospect? Look at his OPS over the past 4 years: .835, .721, .729, .714. Not the best trend. I know that he's been hitting in Dodger Stadium which is skewing his numbers a bit, but is he worth the last couple good prospects in the Yankees have?

He did come up with 15 Win Shares last year (10 offensive, 5 defensive), which isn't bad, but his OPS+ over the past 3 years was 93, 98, 89. A bit below average, and no real sign that he's going to improve. He is still young (if he is only 25) so there is time for improvement. And his fielding would definately improve the Yankees defense (but so would a lump of coal and a can of tuna).

I'd love to have Beltre on the Yankees, but at what price? Novarro+? I'm not quite sure.
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