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Sunday, February 29, 2004

New Rumor: Kazmir+ for Soriano 

Newsday speculates that the Rangers, after getting rebuffed by the Mets by asking for Reyes, will be asking for a package that includes their top pitching prospect, 20-year-old lefty Scott Kazmir.

The thing with pitching prospects is that while most of them are "can't miss", the fact is that most of them miss. I know Kazmir is the second coming of Koufax or take-your-pick-super-great-pitcher-of-the-past, but I can't help but think that giving up only prospects for a guy who is going to put up numbers like Soriano (even if he has peaked and his numbers drop a bit, they'd still be very good numbers) is a good deal. Maybe the Mets can talk the Rangers into taking one of their other top pitching prospects instead of Kazmir, but I think that some Mets fans judgment might be clouded because they see Soriano as an ex-Yankee or a Yankee reject. I think the Mets should definately keep the negotiations going with the Rangers and trade for Soriano. I see it happening within the next couple of weeks.
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