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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Me and Nomar 

As much as I hate the Red Sox, I have to admit that I like Nomar. Part of the reason that I like him is that we went to college together. OK, I'm using the word "together" a bit loosely here. Our time at Georgia Tech overlapped by a semester or so, and we never crossed paths once that I know of. But I followed the Yellow Jackets baseball team very closely the couple years after I graduated and was heartbroken when we lost the College World Series to Oklahoma in 1994. There were some great players on that team: Nomar, Jay Payton, Jason Varitek, and Brad Rigby to name just a few. It's nice to see as many of them make the majors as they did - it has to be a pretty rare thing to have 3 starters of a college team make it to the majors as successfully as Nomar, Varitek and Payton did (I know someone will argue with "Payton" and "successful" being used in a sentence together, but when you look at the big picture, he's been successful.) It makes me a little bit proud that my alma mater produced such talent so close to my graduation.

Another reason to like Nomar: I just read about how he bought his wife Mia a 1959 Corvette and had it overhauled for her. (I can't find the blog that I read it in, so let me know so I can link to it.) He's #5 and she's #9, hence the '59 Corvette. Pretty slick thinking there, Nomar. Unfortunately they were both too nervous to drive it so they ended up selling it. What a waste. If anyone is interested in buying the car, you're too late:
Now all that needs to happen is for Nomar to leave the Red Sox, which has gotten off to a good start this offseason with his team alienating him to the n'th degree. Of course I'd love it if he came to the Yankees, but realistically I'll take any of the other 28 teams.
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