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Friday, February 13, 2004

Jack Wilson is getting HOW MUCH?!?! 

Apparently Jack Wilson, the very same Jack Wilson who is in the Top 10 Outs/Plate Appearance for the past 3 years, won his arbitration hearing and is going to be paid $1,850,000 for the 2004 season. Say WHAT?!?! That's INSANE!!! According to Lee Sinins, his RCAA (Runs Created Against Average) for the past 3 years are -35, -28, -27. And that's worth HOW MUCH??? $1,850,000. You don't think that the Pirates could have brought someone up from the minors (or traded for someone else's minor leaguer), pay them $300,000 and put up comparable numbers? I see that he put up 11 Win Shares last season, enough to rank him 10th in the NL and about 20th overall. But, damn, that's a lot of money for a money-strapped ballclub to be paying to someone to suck everyday.
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