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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Clemens to miss games with Astros 

According to Roger himself, he is going to be missing games during the season.

I'm assuming here that he means that he's actually going to miss some of his starts during the season. I wonder how this is going to affect the rest of the team. What ever happened to the "team player" concept? I know that some players (i.e. big stars) get some pretty crazy perks like hotel suites and stuff, but to get permission by the team to actually miss entire games? The Astros are going to have to be creative in their pitching schedule to cover up the holes in their schedule when he's out watching his kids play ball. So charity comes before the team? I understand prior commitments and all that, but this seems like in order to not "disappoint those people" he is going to disappoint his teammates AND all the fans that expect him to give 100% for the entire season.
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