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Monday, February 09, 2004

Baseball Blogs 

John Perricone has updated the design of Only Baseball Matters and it looks fantastic. Very sharp!

I added a some blogs to my right nav and I thought that I'd mention them here. I'm sure you've seen and read some or all of them, but it's about time that I posted them on my site.

First, the raindrops - "Thoughts about the baseball doings in and around Big Shea." And to stay with the theme, there is The Eddie Kranepool Society. I have a (relatively) soft spot for the Mets considering I'm a Yankee fan. As I've mentioned here before, my father is a Mets fan (he had to find SOMEONE to fill the void in his heart after the Dodgeres left town). I went to a bunch of games when I was a kid and I loved Eddie Kranepool and Rusty Staub. I'll always remember the time Dave Kingman was at bat and my father leaned over and he jokingly said, "I think he's going to bunt," and of course he crushed a HUGE home run. Then there is Mike's Baseball Rants. I know my list is short, but I'm sure I'll be adding more soon.
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