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Saturday, February 14, 2004

ARod update - good news for Yankee fans 

CBS Sports reports that
Does this mean that Contreras is not part of the deal? That would be great from the Yankees perspective because there really isn't any out there this close to Spring Training to replace him with. I know he's the Yankees' #4 or #5 pitcher, but still. Maddux is out there, but it's doubtful that he'd switch leagues this late in his career, plus the Yankees would probably not want to pay him what he wants to get paid. That would leave a big hole in their staff.

It's weird to think that Soriano is only 2 years younger than ARod. I hope him the best, but he really needs to learn to layoff that low outside pitch for him to start improving.

Oh, and this article at Fox Sports says that the deal is already done with only a few minor details left to work out.

And here's another thing to think about. Imagine an infield of ARod at short, Jeter at third, and Cairo (who has a fantastic Range Factor at 2B) and Travis Lee at first. That's a great infield! Of course, you're limiting the infield offense by playing Cairo (do the Yanks really need any offense out of the second baseman now?) and, to a certain extent, Lee, though he posted a .807 OPS last year, and had an OPS+ of 111 - probably below average for a first baseman, but not embarrassingly so. Now that I look at it, he was 9th in the AL for first baseman with 13 WS. All of a sudden Kevin Brown is dying a slow death when all the small dribblers roll through the infield for base hits. The problem with this is that Bernie and Lofton will have to figure out who's in centerfield. Bernie is better offensively, if he's healthy, but Lofton was signed for a reason - to give us a league average fielder in centerfield and improve the outfield defense overall, which will need all the help it can get with Sheffield out there. I'm not sure if this new lineup will work, but I would expect Torre to use something like it this season. Of course this all depends on whether Jeter wisens up and steps aside for ARod at shortstop. And I think he'd be crazy not to. He's a smart, relatively egoless ballplayer. He has to know that ARod, a Gold Glove winning shortstop, is a better fielder than he is.

I wonder what the Red Sox think of all this.
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