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Saturday, February 14, 2004

And the ARod rumors begin! Again! But this time with the right team. 

The NYPost has ARod to the Yankee rumors:
Apparently the Rangers shot down the deal, though it seems like a better deal then what they were getting from Boston (Manny), since they desperately need pitching and even though Soriano isn't as good offensively as Manny, he's an infielder and he's much younger (and he is getting paid MUCH less and isn't eligible for free agency for a while). Then Cashman starting talking about meteorology:
Of course this doesn't mean that a dialogue isn't now open between the Yankees and Rangers. I was thinking about speculating about the trade (i.e. would Jeter move to 2B or 3B? who replaced Contrares in the rotation? How much better does this make the Yankees?) but I think I'll hold off a bit on that. It's way too early to start in with that kind of thing (though it sure is fun).

- Addendum -
ESPN.com has an article on the trade rumors, too, saying:
Hmmmm...very interesting. "Late into the night" has the connotation that there was something worth talking about. Maybe this rumor has a bit of legs to it after all. The the question remains: Why the hell would they move a Gold Glove shortstop to third base while keeping the no-field Jeter to man the position??? Of course ARod, Jeter, XXX, and Giambi is way better than XXX, Jeter, Soriano, and Giambi. I'm sure we can find a fill in second baseman easier than a fill in third baseman. Shoot, with ARod in the lineup, I say just stick Cairo at second base and bat him 9th and call it a day. Keep Lamb on the roster as backup 3B (and actually backup SS, too since if Jeter got hurt ARod would move over). And keep Travis Lee as your backup 1B. All set! Let's start Spring Training!
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