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Monday, January 19, 2004

Zeile? Garcia? Huh? 

Cameron? Check. Attempt at Vlad? Check. Kaz Matsui? Worth a shot. Zeile and Garcia? Huh-whu?

What happened, Mets? You almost had me. I really liked the signing of Cameron. And I'm one of the few people who agreed with your approach at Vlad, especially with the uninsurability of his back and your previously getting burned with Mo. And I'm even onboard with signing Kaz - I'm sure it will pay itself back in his marketability and he should be a pretty good player. But signing Zeile and Garcia??? You've got to be kidding! And I even heard a rumor that they may sign Shane Spencer to platoon with Garcia!!! Why don't they save the money and play Cedeno and Timo? Karim Garcia has been in the majors since 1995 and has a total of 1205 AB. That's barely 2 seasons worth of ABs in 8 years. There's a reason for that. In 2002 he had an awesome surge at the end of the season that gave him a .901 OPS for the year. How many walks? 6. In 202 AB for the season. 6. Which translates into an OBP of .317. His career OPS is .713 in that time. Positional average (thanks to Lee Sinins' Sabermetric Encyclopedia) is .823 over the same time period. And this is the Mets' answer for RF? Roger Cedeno's career OPS, is .717 (and he started playing in 1995, too, but he's had 2917 ABs since then). Granted, Garcia is probably a better right-fielder than Cedeno, but couldn't they find ANYONE better than Garcia? I know Mondesi is out there (last years' OPS of .827 with a career OPS of .823) and he has a cannon of an arm. Sure he'd be more expensive, but don't they have at least a little money to throw around after not signing Vlad? Garcia had an OPS of .811 vs righties last year, so I can see why maybe the Mets are interested in him, but if you're going to platoon, shouldn't the guy have a higher OPS than .811? Especially when league average for RFs last year was .833.

Zeile on the other hand, if he's going to sit on the bench most of the time, I don't have a big problem with - he can play several positions, though none of them very well. But I have a feeling that he's going to be getting too many ABs at 3B and 1B. His OPS was .693 last year (between the Yanks and Expos), and considering he's 37 years old, isn't going to be getting any better this year.
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