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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Yankees getting older? 

Wow, a post about the Yankees, what a novel idea! I was just skimming some stats on baseball-reference.com and I noticed the Yankee's average age over the past few years. Here is the table in a nutshell:

Avg Batter's AgeAvg Pitcher's Age

Now, I was under the impression, like everyone else, that the Yankees have been getting older as a team for some time. But looking at the numbers, they've been pretty steady, except for the pitchers over the past couples years, and I'm sure a lot of that is attributable to Clemens and Wells, both who are gone. Of course, they picked up Kevin Brown and Flash Gordon, both of who are closer to 40 than 30. I know they also picked up Shef and Lofton and got rid of Nick Johnson, so their average offensive age might rise a tick or two. But my point is, the Yanks have been pretty old for while now, and, no, they are getting younger, but they aren't really getting significantly older, either. Of course, when I can get my hands on the average age for their 2004 team, I'll post it, or maybe I'll go through their probably roster and calculate it when I have a bit more time on my hands.

- Addendum -
It looks like the 2004 Yankees average batter's age is 32.3 and the average pitcher's age is 33.2. I've also added it to the above chart. It looks as though they got a bit older on offense - 2 whole years older - and a hair younger in the pitching staff. The oldest batter is Ruben Sierra at 38, followed by John Flaherty and Kenny Lofton at 36, then Bernie and Shef at 35. As for the pitchers, Brown at 39, Gordon at 36, and Mussina and Quantrill at 35. The youngsters on the team are Vazquez at 27, Heredia at 29, and Soriano at 26.
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