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Monday, January 19, 2004

Wrigley Field Park Factor 

I noticed that Derrek Lee signed a $6.9M contract for this year with the Cubs and it got me thinking. Everything that I heard about this deal was pretty much, "Lee his 31 HR in Florida, imagine how many he'll hit in Wrigley! He can hit 50 HR there!" Of course he CAN hit 50 HR now that he's playing in Wrigley, but will he? So I checked out the park factors for Pro Player vs. Wrigley. Pro Player had a 94 Hitter's Park Factor for 2003. Pretty low. The 3 year average for Pro Player is about a 96. Wrigley's Hitter's Park Factor was 99. Still below average. Not what I was expecting, but Wrigley is a strange place. And Wrigley's 3 year average was about a 98 or so. Even lower.

So will Lee hit 50 HR? I'm thinking not.

But that's not really why I started writing this post. While looking at Wrigley's Park Factors, I noticed this anamoly:
Park Factor (Bat/Pit)
1999 107/106
2000 90/92
That's insane! It went from a strong hitters park to a strange pitchers park over night. Well, over the offseason at least.

So my question to all of you, is: Does anyone know of any reason for this bit of strangeness?
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