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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Vlad to Anaheim? 

I just talked to a contact of mine and he told me that he heard that Vlad is signing with the Anaheim Angels. I'm not sure how reliable this information is, but I thought that I'd let you all know the latest that I've heard. Frankly, I hadn't heard word one about the Angels going after Vlad. I heard the O's, the Mets (whose offer was rejected by Vlad), the Marlins, and maybe a small smattering of talk that maybe perhaps the Dodgers might possibly be interested.

If this IS true, then it changes the entire dynamic of the AL West. I would have to say that, coupled with the improvements of the Angels' pitching this offseason and the degradation of Seattle, that this move would thrust the Angels to the head of the class of the AL West.

It's late, so I'll find out in the morning if this turns out to be true and I'll have a more in depth analysis of how this affects the AL West. And the AL East, since the O's (who are now considering signing Pudge IN ADDITION to already having signed Javy) would be short one superstar. I think that it would definately put them in a solid 4th place in the division. Again.
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