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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Villone to the Yanks? I don't think so Vinny 

Vinny, I totally agree with you that Scott Erickson has no right to be donning a NY jersey and pitching in the majors this year, but Ron Villone a Yankee? Come on! Sure, he's a lefty, and he had a decent year last year (in Astro Stadium, no less), but that was one of his very few and far between decent years in his career. The guy had a 1.90 K/BB ratio (48 BB, 91 K) last year and that was one of his best years in that stat. Plus, if you look at his splits last year, lefties hit him for an OPS of .817 compared to righties who hit him for an OPS of .701. Great, a lefty with a reverse split! Not something that Yankees need (though to be fair, his OPS splits for 2002 were more in line with what you'd think for a lefty pitcher - lefties: .634 and righties: .836 - but then again his ERA was 5.81 in 2002, too, so I'm not sure that proves all that much). All in all, I don't think he'd be a very good fit with the Yankees. Oh yeah, he's also 34 years old. Maybe as a mop-up swingman type pitcher, but can't we find a younger guy with some possible future to fill that role instead of an old, lefty retread? Let the Mets have 'em!
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