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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Tyler Houston to the Yanks 

Looks like, according to Lee Sinins and Newsday, that the Yankees signed Tyler Houston to a minor league contract. He can play thirdbase (not that well) and he can also play some firstbase. He's never been an everyday player, but the past few season it looks like his bat has been hovering around average, though declining - his OPS from 2001-2003 have been .815, .751, .722. Not a very good sign. I'd still much rather have a slick fielder like Bordick (if he can be coerced out of retirement). Houston almost never walks and doesn't play thirdbase very well - I wonder what the Yankees see in him.

- Addendum -
Cross Jose Hernandez off the Yankees' list - he just signed with the Dodgers.

- Addendum 2 -
Cross Todd Zeile off the Yankees' list - he just signed with the Mets.
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