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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Twins trading Jones to the Reds? 

Fox Sports says that the Twins mights be trading Jacque Jones to the Reds for pitchers John Riedling and Chris Reitsma.

Riedling was a below average pitcher last year (ERA+ 87), but the two years before that he was above average (ERA+ 180 & 163 for 2001 & 2002 respectively). 2003 looked more realistic for him since he pitched more innings (bigger sample size) and his BB/SO ratio is pretty bad. 2003 it was 47/65 and in 2002 it was 26/30. Not too good.

Reitsma was league average last year: ERA+ of 100. In 2002 it was 121 - not bad. He lets up a few too many hits, but he doesn't walk many. In his 3-year career he has 404 IP with 445 hits and only 113 BB. Of course, he doesn't strike out many, either - 233 Ks in 404 IP. Reitsma mostly relieved last year as opposed to mostly starting the two years previous.

I think he'd make a decent #4 or #5 for the Twins this year, and they don't really need Jones considering they have so many OFs. Jones is a decent OF, but nothing spectacular. This OPS+ last year was 106 and the year before in 2002 - which was his "great" year - was 125. If he would learn to draw a walk he wouldn't be a bad player. 21 BB in 517 AB in 2003? 27 BB in 577 AB in 2002? Horrendous!

- Addendum -
Thanks to Cliff for pointing out that I only really examined the Twins side of the deal. I forgot to mention that the Reds just traded two pitchers, which they are in dire need of, for an outfielder, which they already have an over-abundance of. Are they looking for insurance against injury or are they planning on trading one of their outfielders?
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