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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Roberto Alomar signs cheap 

It looks as though Roberto Alomar finalized his contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks today. He signed for $1 million, but according to Lee Sinins, $350,000 of it is deferred until 2009. Yes, that is not a mistype: 2009! So his contract, for all intents and purposes, is $650,000. What a bargain! I know Alomar has been way below his career averages over the past couple years, and going to a contender didn't do anything to his numbers like some people thought, but $650,000 today for the chance that he returns to some semblence of his former self is a fantastic deal, in my mind. He's going to be replacing Junior Spivey and Matt Kata in the lineup.

The only problem is that Kata is young and possibly improving from his .257/.315/.420 from last year, and now Alomar is taking his place and possibly stunting his growth. Spivey is currently in Milwaukee and Kata will be moving into Counsell's utility infield position. Alomar was .258/.333/.349 last year. Ouch. And his fielding (according to his Zone Rating) has been down quite a bit, too.
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