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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Orioles get Ponson 

Now all they need are another 3 or 4 pitchers and they'll have a decent team.

Seriously folks, according to espn.com, this is the Orioles' starting 5 pitchers:

Sidney Ponson, RHP
Rodrigo Lopez, RHP
Kurt Ainsworth, RHP
Eric DuBose, LHP
Matt Riley, LHP/Omar Daal, LHP

Hmmmm....not even close to the Sox or Yanks, and not even really close to the Blue Jays, who dramatically improved both their starter and relievers this offseason. I'll get more in depth on the Orioles when I do an overview of the AL East, as requested on the sidebar to your right.

It looks like another 4th place finish for the Orioles this year.
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