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Friday, January 30, 2004

No change in the 3B news for the Yanks 

Nothing much has changes for the Yankees with concerns to their third baseman situation. The NY Post "citing industry sources" says the Yankees are looking for a "name" third baseman with the leading candidate being Adrian Beltre of LA. The NY Daily News says that they might go after a big contract like Alfonzo or Glaus. Unfortunately for the Yankees, both the Dodgers and the Giants are short on offense. And Beltre is in the last year of a reasonable contract. Alfonzo, on the otherhand, has several years still remaining and I wouldn't like for the Yanks to pick up a big contract like that at 3B considering some good third basemen will be free agents next year (i.e. Chavez).

It's all a waiting game at this point - the Yankees are still waiting for Boone's swelling to subside so they can get a better picture of what's going on in there, though it certainly seems pretty bad at this point.

And you can tell it's a slow news day when I'm just recapping this story AGAIN. Plus I'm waiting on my DBA to make some changes to my database so I can continue working! Hurry up already!
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