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Thursday, January 15, 2004

The last two top tier free agents. 

It seems as though IRod has narrowed down his teams to two: Cubs & Tigers. I'm guessing that the Tigers are offering him more money, since that's what they've been saying they'd have to do this off-season, but the Cubs will give him a better chance to win. Damn, the Cubs will give him a chance to win! What a turnaround for IRod if he went from World Series champion to the Tigers, a team that is going to lose 100+ games this season.

Then again, IRod may not have much of a choice since it seems that the if the Cubs end up signing Maddux (and I haven't heard of any team pursuing him seriously other than the Cubs), then the chances of them also signing IRod would be slim to none.

On another note complete, I'm having a old friend come to town tonight for the weekend, so my blogging might be a bit sparser than usual. But I will start blogging full-time again on Monday, so please keep checking back for more.
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