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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Fenway Park Factor 

I know I haven't been posting much this weekend since I've been really busy with a bunch of stuff going on. I'm going to try and recitfy the situation over the next couple of days. Thanks for sticking with me through this lull.

As any of you regular readers know, I find the Park Factor stat quite interesting. So what was I just doing? Looking at the Park Factor of Fenway Park. And what did I find? Since 1934, Fenway Park has only had 2 1/2 seasons of below average Park Factor, which translates into 68.5 out of 70 seasons of hitters' park in Boston. That's unbelievably consistent. The years that the park played better for pitchers are 1944, 1998 & 2002.

I'd love to compare all the baseball parks and see if any of them are more consistent than Fenway. Of course, there are so many new parks, so I'll have to use some of the historical parks to satiate my curiosity. Keep your eyes open for more park related facts.

Oh yeah, in case you didn't know why 1934 is an important date in Fenway Park history is because January 5, 1934 is when Fenway Park burned down.
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