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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Darn, another Rose post. 

I need to stop saying that I'm never going to something again. I just wanted to leave you few readers with this link. It's an article about how Pete Rose's runners are disputing Rose's new "admissions". Essentially they are saying that he did bet on the Reds and he did bet more than 5 times a week. AND that he placed his bets according to his conversations with other teams' managers.

If this is true, he should never be allowed back into baseball. Not only did he violate one of baseball's most sacred rules, but he also (if these allegations are true, and I really see much reason why these guys would lie at this point) essentially used insider information to place these bets. These managers spoke to Rose in confidence, then Rose turned around and tried to use this information for his monetary gain.

But David Pinto says that Hall of Fame voters are now changing their mind. This is excellent news! And Rose only has 2 years left on his eligibility. Hopefully he won't get voted in now that he's confessed.
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