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Monday, January 26, 2004

Boone Out 

Other bloggers have noted this, but I thought that I'd post a quickie on it. Aaron Boone may be out for the season with a knee injury playing basketball. It's an ACL injury, possibly a total tear. That would be a season-ending injury. And all the Yanks have is Enrique Wilson and Miguel Cairo to fill in. And Drew Henson who is already making noise about wanting to play football again.

David Pinto reports that Gammons says that IRod would be an intriguing pickup for a thirdbaseman, but of course he's one of the top catchers in the game so why would a team stick him at thirdbase while you keep an average catcher behind the plate. I don't see it happening. Boone was the only good fielder in the Yankees' infield, if they replace him with a below-average fielder then they'll have an even worse infield, and with Kevin Brown and Paul Quantrill being extreme groundball pitchers, that's going to even more painful.

And I found this quote from Newsday (AP Writer Ronald Blum):
Ouch! Now Boone may not even get his $5.4M from his contract. Not a smart move Boony.

The Yankees just have to make it through the year because included in next years' free agent list is Eric Chavez. He'd look fantastic handling the hot corner in Yankee Stadium.

- Addendum -
Sweet! Cliff at Clifford's Big Red Blog posted this indepth look at the Yankees' options at thirdbase. And he was up until 3am doing it. Thanks Cliff!!!
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