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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Another Yankee 3B post - Fielding 

Just about everything that I've read about concerning the Yankees search for thirdbaseman has emphasized the offensive aspect of the replacement player. Rob Neyer has some nice numbers of potential thirdbasemen in his current column. What I'm also concerned about it fielding stats. Now we all know that fielding stats are sketchy at best, but here are some of the possible replacement players and a couple of their fielding numbers (please note that these are 2003 stats for thirdbase only):
              Games   Range   Zone
Played Factor Rating
Wes Helms 130 2.56 .751
Adrian Beltre 157 2.82 .790
Ed Alfonzo 133 2.46 .755
Miguel Cairo 12 2.46 .538
Geoff Blum 83 2.45 .758
Jeff Cirillo 85 2.32 .734
Robin Ventura 83 2.53 .771
Tyler Houston 74 2.27 .753
Mike Bordick 22 2.94 .884

Sheffield('93) 134 2.41 .681
OK, there they are. Out of all of those guys, Beltre really stands out as the best defensive player, and offensively he's not going to hurt your team nearly as much as the other guys. Of course, that's why it would be the hardest to get him and it would cost the Yankees the most.

For proper analysis, I'd have to post the offensive stats next to the defensive stats, and probably even the offensive splits to see if a platoon can be cobbled together (but that would involve another position on the Yankees' roster, which I'm not sure they'd be willing to do, unless the platoon involved Cairo or Wilson - OUCH! or if Wilson was waived to make room for the other thirdbaseman, which I'm not adverse to). Oh yeah, and I should probably take 3-year averages for their stats, too. Well, I'm at work right now and this is the best that I could do. ;)

- Addendum -
I added Bordick and his 22 games on the list just as a curiosity. He's retired, but he is a good fielder, even though he hardly played 3B in his career. Taking his numbers with a grain of salt, it's still easy to get excited about his high fielding numbers compared to the rest of the (mostly) sorry bunch.
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