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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Aaron beat me to it! 

Well, Aaron beat me to the analysis of the Angel's new outfield. So what else does that leave me to write? The Angel's are up one oufielder and short one firstbaseman. The idea, as you can read at Aaron's blog, is Erstad, one of the, if not THE, best centerfielders in the game is going to get exiled to firstbase. Say WHAT? They'll have an outfield of Garrett Anderson, Vlad, and Jose Guillen. If Guillen plays close to what he did last year that'll be one hell of an outfield. So what's next? I don't think that the Angels are going to be able to trade Erstad with his huge contract and his tiny offensive numbers, though I'm sure there's a team out there that will look at his fantastic 2000 numbers and think that he'll be able to recapture that lost season. Plus, they have some extra pitching. Maybe they can flip an extra pitcher (Washburn? Ortiz? Percival?) and Erstad for a good firstbaseman. Or flip the two of them for peanuts, rid yourselves of the contracts, and then sign Maddux and Travis Lee (who puts up better numbers than Erstad AND plays better firstbase). The Angels have made a lot of moves this offseason - Escobar, Colon, Guillen, Vlad - but now they face the task of fitting all these parts into a cohesive whole. They need to make one more move this offseason that makes the roster go *CLICK* and everyone falls into place. Let's see if they can pull it off.

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